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Adel Bashqawi
Intellectual Invasion Proxies
18 Temmuz 2018 Çarşamba Saat 15:50

A friend sent me a link to an online article published under a title that can eventually lead to a contrast with reality. It is another Hollywood-type comic episode published on the web by an anonymous ranting across the message board. Concerning the Circassian Question, the article shows a vast gap between the truth and negative thoughts in a manner that can lead to endless curiosity, even between the mentioned points and elements, which defy truth and logic entirely.[1]

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While there is no logical homogeneity of all that is mentioned, as much as showing a sarcastic and cynical attitude, it is mere dark propaganda and misinformation. Mentioning linked sentences of conflicting news and information confirms contents presented in a form and content that can be clearly described as twisting the truth. Facts, dreams, and lies are launched randomly and shifted between individuals, people, events, nations, states, and time. These are not shown for the sake of clarity to the prudent reader, but to mislead all those who seek the truth.

There is no trouble in reading between the lines and knowing who was behind this inferior technique and who the beneficiary of those acrobatic show-off techniques is. It’s obvious that the English language used requires improvements, to say the least. The article dealt with the Circassian issue by prejudice, fraud, slander, and hypocrisy, while assuming the ignorance of others.

There is a selective mentioning of certain probable intelligence agents’ names known to public opinion from different countries at the international level. The comparisons and approaches do not provide what is appropriate for the colonial and imperial issues that closely fit the greedy policies of the Tsarist Russian Empire. On the one hand, most of the areas mentioned for comparison are not identical to the regional reality in Circassia in specific and in the Caucasus region in general. Also, it does not explicitly mention bilateral and multilateral agreements, cooperation and coordination between the imperialist parties at the time. In addition, the piece does not mention more important topics; there is no focus on the savage Russian Tsarist invasion, the barbaric war of annihilation, the occupation -which continues to this day-, the ethnic cleansing, the forced deportation of ninety percent of the Circassian nation, and the annexation of the Circassian homeland to the Russian Empire.

The author -also promoter- of the suspicious article, who shows insidious hatred toward all Circassian symbols, did not miss the chance to spread poisonous, arbitrary and false information in regard to the Circassian flag, which is mentioned sarcastically and frantically. When a Circassian says such a misleading thing publicly, it reminds me of the proverb that says, “With friends like you, who needs enemies?”[2]

It is no secret that the hostile propaganda campaign is always prepared and willing to defy any national event or symbol. The disinformation promoters dare to challenge the national elements of identity and deep-rooted civilization heritage unabashedly. Seemingly, the steering parties and proxies who dictate the evil objectives have determined to go in parallel with not solving the Circassian Question or restoring the legitimate rights.

There is an organized fifth column that works against the Circassian national interests. It is active in many locations where Circassians reside, both in the homeland and in diaspora. “The pro-Russian faction within the ICA declared that they were opposed to interference by Circassian organisations into the policies of countries where other Circassians live. They didn’t explain how Circassians in other countries should otherwise stand up for their interests as a people.”[3] Many sources prove that there was a conspiracy. “This situation placed Circassia in the circle of the important problems of world politics of the eighteenth century and her history to a critical stage. Plans were set to dominate whatever possible territories, nations, and strategic elements that would assist in creating an imperial state.”[4]

Among the national symbols that symbolize the elements, pillars, and consciousness of the Circassian nation is the Adygha bayraq (the Circassian flag). It was used, and still is, as a challenge against the invaders and imperialists. It strengthens and unites the people to achieve their ambitions and interests. It is considered an emblem that encourages efforts to maintain national enthusiasm and stability. Unlike the claims of the so-called article, the Circassian flag was designed and made by Circassians. Looking at the present time, coins, banknotes, financial documents, flags, medals and many other national sovereign items -for all nations- are made by different nations who are known for their qualified skillful workers. It is a national interest to get certain valuable items made with durable substances and long lasting, finishing materials.

Regardless of the made up narratives, falsehoods and propaganda, the obvious and visible truth reminds us of what actually happened. The Circassian leaders in Istanbul had agreed to the shape of the Circassian flag. “One day when Selkhur visited Prince Zan, the latter presented a folded paper, passed it to Selkhur, and asked him about his opinion about its contents. Selkhur was surprised, and then Zan emotionally replied that it was the Circassian unity flag (Baraq), saying that during his long hospitalization, he thought considerably about a symbol for the Circassian unity and he concluded on the contents of the paper. It contained twelve gold-colored stars and three crossed arrows. Zan explained that each of the twelve stars represents a Circassian tribe and that they are all equally represented without prejudice, they are all equal in the unity. As to the crossed arrows they represent that the Circassians do not seek war, but will defend themselves when attacked.” later on it was made ready. “Within a few days, H’ouri Khanem brought the readied flag so that it was ready to be sent to Circassia.”[5]

The Circassian national unity was declared in 1836.[6] The flag was given in the mid-1830s, “to James Bell and Longworth who traveled to the Caucasus on board the steamer Vixen.” After arrival to the Circassian coast of the Black Sea, “Bill handed over a package to Nour Mohammad Haghur, saying that Prince Zan Seferbi had requested for it to be delivered to him. The package turned out to contain a piece of green silk material, embroidered in gold thread twelve gold stars and three crossed arrows. Nour Mohammad was surprised and wondered, ‘What is this? Is it what I think?’” Bill gave a positive response.

“A general meeting of the Khasa was held in (Psefabe) Valley where representatives of the Circassian tribes met, in which Nour Mohammad Haghur presented the Circassian flag subject by saying, Prince Zan has sent us the Baraq (flag) of the Circassian unity. He asked Tram to unfold the package and present the flag.”[7]

Circassians have witnessed a wonderful and meaningful moment. “When the green-colored silk fabric was unfolded with its golden stars and arrows, the flag began to flap vigorously with the wind, as if it was getting ready to fly in the air. Quietness prevailed in the valley as at that moment hundreds of eyes focused on the flapping green flag with its golden stars and arrows. Then Haghur asked, ‘Who agrees that this flag is to be the unifying flag for all Circassians?’ At that moment, the qamas (swords) were drawn and raised above the heads of those Circassians gathered in the valley.”[8]

Not defending anyone in this concept, but it’s no shame to know David Urquhart; a writer, politician, diplomat and eventually a British Member of Parliament. He travelled to Circassia and other regional destinations, and was introduced to the Circassian culture and history. He was one of those who kept encouraging and urging the British government to intervene and help the Circassian nation to deal with the external aggression; but to no avail, due to certain colonial and narcissistic concerns. The British Government has been informed of very important related information about the Tsarist Russian invasion and shocking crimes. Yet, Circassians were purposely driven to the brink of the abyss.

“Urquhart … becoming alarmed at the threat of Russian intervention in the region. Urquhart’s campaigning, including publication of Turkey and its Resources, culminated in his appointment on a trade mission to the region in 1833. He struck such an intimate relationship with the government in Istanbul that he became outspoken in his calls for British intervention on behalf of the Sultan against Muhammad Ali of Egypt in opposition to the policy of Canning. He was recalled by Palmerston just as he published his anti-Moscow pamphlet England, France, Russia and Turkey which brought him into conflict with Richard Cobden.

“In 1835 he was appointed secretary of embassy at Istanbul, but an unfortunate attempt to counteract Russian aggressive designs in Circassia, which threatened to lead to an international crisis, again led to his recall in 1837. In 1835, before leaving for the East, he founded a periodical called the Portfolio, and in the first issue printed a series of Russian state papers, which made a profound impression.”[9]

Forgery is not acceptable. It is not fair to declare that the “Circassian people were deceived and entered into a war which its outcome was known & was deceived by conspiring against it even from those who claimed that they were allies at that time.” The fact is that the Tsarist Russian Empire had a predetermined road-plan to control Circassia entirely in order to occupy and annex the Circassian Black Sea coast. Furthermore, Circassians had to be annihilated, displaced and deported from their historic homeland.

“On October 15, 1860, General Nikolai Evdokimov proposed what was perhaps the first ethnic cleansing in history. Officially, the Circassians were to be given a choice between settling to the north or immigrating to Turkey. However, eyewitness Mikhail Venyukov reported that Evdokimov stated privately that he planned to drive all the Circassians to Anatolia … This is precisely what happened in Circassia. Russia followed a policy that clearly threatened the lives of a large number of people (as a committee warned Evdokimov in 1861), and when the results of that policy became clear, they did not change course.”[10]

Under the circumstances, Circassians should not be prohibited from their right to communicate with anyone who can help explain their cause regionally and globally. Regardless of the anonymous writer’s naive, obtrusive and intruding attempts to undermine the Circassians’ right to consider and take care of their own affairs, the tragic reality confirms that they were dealing with various empires and great powers, which did not have any amount of moral or ethical responsibility, not even human obligations.

The Circassians learned from experience that they were, and still are, subjected to the most terrible accusations and falsehoods. It can only be described as the most naked hypocrisy. “Hypocrites get offended by the truth.”[11]

In a positive context, Einstein’s words must be remembered: “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”[12]

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