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Adel Bashqawi
Who is Mohammed Odeh?
10 Şubat 2016 Çarşamba Saat 15:39

By Adel Bashqawi, The 9th of February, 2016

There is a person, or persons, who are thought to be operating under a suspicious and guided scheme called “Mohammed Odeh.” They can be described as a negative phenomenon that is being thrown into the Circassian communities in order to sow discord and disseminate disputes, which are not only wished by enemies of the Circassian nation (who seek to distort the facts and offend anyone who works and demands to restore his and his people’s legitimate rights), but also against all those who support them in that regard.

This character, whether it was an individual or entity, can be a conspiratorial character that is working to promote a subversive propaganda campaign based on preliminary information that is acquired from sleeper agents in the community in order to be fabricated, and thus to perform character assassination and spread hatred, resentment and discomfort in the community.

In an article dated 02/02/2016 (which aims for nothing but incitement and offense, entitled, “Until When Will Circassians Be Kept Absent From Reality,” that claimer continues to try to spread division among the Circassians, and to flip the facts and direct false accusations, similar to the Iraqi proverb: “Organized lying is better than unorganized truth,” where the so-called writer, publisher or promoter, has puffed a stream of naked propaganda poisons, with a display of falsehood and babble, as if those receiving this nonsense do not have the will to distinguish between good and bad.

The writer, publisher or promoter, wanted to pass the following:

- Focus on the “description” of Circassians who “hold Turkish citizenship,” where the authorities in the Circassian homeland are lurking beneath them. They usually distance themselves from describing as “returning to their historic homeland,” where provocations are still going on until this moment, while another clone figure has been reproduced like this Claimer in the Circassian homeland, where another hostile article is published in “Sovetskaya Adige,” signed by another anonymous person, who is called “Amir Dyshekov,” attacking the Circassian Returnee Adnan Khuade and the Circassian nationalists in the homeland and inciting against them

http://www.cherkessia.net/news_detail.php?id=6885 and  http://www.cherkessia.net/news_detail.php?id=6886 and


It is known that this is not the first time, and will not be the last, for such reckless actions which are incompatible with the human rights of returning to and re-settling at the homeland (http://kavpolit.com/…/predprinimaetsja_popytka_massovoj_de…/).

Many people know what happened with Haci Bayram Polat (http://justicefornorthcaucasus.info/?p=1251673956), and the Circassians returning to their homeland from Syria, who were disallowed from traveling to their homeland, despite the devastating war in Syria.

I have to point out that the second name of the so-called writer (in Arabic) reminds of the return to the homeland. Some good can still come out of harmful things. But the writer is trying to promote inadequate and incorrect information, in order to avoid mentioning the word Circassia, which was occupied by the invading troops of the Russian Empire, like the other nations of the North Caucasus, which usurped the homeland, violated the rights, and tried to falsify the history.

If there is to be any fruit from working to restore the Circassian usurped and confiscated rights (in accordance with the international laws and norms), the Circassians have to know what is happening in the Circassian arena and find out who is behind the clinging to the land of others (which have been fully occupied in 1864) and the denial of the legitimate rights, which happened when the Circassian Genocide was committed, and when the remaining Circassians (who stayed alive) were deported, either to the Ottoman Empire, or to areas beyond the Kuban River. The colonial Russian state at the time wanted Circassia, which is located on the Black Sea, vacated from its people.


There seems to be another goal for such intellectual terrorism; to try to polish prominent associations or entities, which seem, according to the available data, to have exhausted their tasks, and do not have anything to do with Circassians’ interests and their well-being, both in the present and the future, in addition to their failure to meet the objectives which they were created for at the time of formation.

The writer, publisher or promoter of the referenced post, used expressions that were directed at him in the previous two articles:

(http://justicefornorthcaucasus.info/?p=1251670733 and http://justicefornorthcaucasus.info/?p=1251675380).

Those mentioned the suspicious role which is performed by this claimer, by haphazardly directing false accusations with well-known sources. However, he acts so without being bound by the rules of politeness, modesty or proper ethics. He has attacked those who try to use the available information from reliable sources about the Circassian Question and to be publish it to whoever is concerned. However, such positions prove that some parties are concerned with other issues that aim for ignorance, indoctrination and distortion, so that Circassians do not know their rights very well.

- Jamestown Foundation is mentioned in the writer’s rabid campaign. It is described as providing direct support to the Circassians’ campaign against attempts by the Russian authorities in the North Caucasus to deport the Circassians who returned to their homeland from Turkey, as if it doesn’t have anything to do other than the Circassian Question. It is merely one of hundreds of similar institutions and research centers. It is a civil and non-profit organization that is operating on donations and engaged in research, global analysis, and publishing studies and research. It holds conferences, works on the follow-up events, and issues studies in periodic publications with respect to Eurasia, Terrorism, and China, including the issuance of the weekly North Caucasus. It monitors hardline leaders and follows the hot events such as the issues of Iraq, Syria and the Islamic State (http://www.jamestown.org/).

- The writer, publisher or promoter of the post, has mentioned the famous political analyst Paul Goble, who wrote and published thousands of insightful analyses on Russia and the republics of the former Soviet Union. He is an editor of four volumes on the ethnic issues of those same parties. He has written about ethnic, religious and national issues, he worked as a consultant on the Soviet Union and Russian affairs for several parties, and he was Inspirational for the independence of the Baltic republics from the former Soviet Union.

From these perspectives, he writes in the affairs of his specialty; he masters the Russian language in addition to other languages. Some of the works that he is thanked for include writings on the Circassian Question and the Circassian Genocide issue (which is just a fraction of his writings). He spoke at important conferences about the Circassian Question. He also showed interest in matters and events taking place at the present time in the Circassian homeland, including the Sochi Olympics, which were held on the land of Genocide and Deportation. Fortunately, they were translated into the Arabic language and published to inform those concerned. This worries and disturbs ‘some parties.’ It is worth mentioning that, in all his analysis, he mentions the sources of the information he used, which is mostly from Russian sources. (http://windowoneurasia2.blogspot.com/).

Till When Will Mohammed Odeh’s Role Last?

The answer to this inquiry requires knowledge of the fact that the struggle between truth and falsehood will remain until the Last Day. A person will not struggle to conclude that the author, publisher or promoter of such void myths, has a malicious goal from this publication, which is to poison the minds. The role of this virtual or fictional personality (and any character that will be artificially hatched in the subsequent days) will continue and grow fiercer because of the accelerated attention to the fair Circassian Cause. Behind this organized propaganda are worries that the Circassian awareness increases and that methods and pathways will be organized that will eventually achieve their envisaged goals.

What is the Purpose of this Nonsense, and this Unilateral Declared Propaganda War?

The intention of all this hoopla is defamation. The promoters of the rumors that are not up to the level of reliable information, they only aim to decrease the people’s interest in order to divert attention from the noble and lofty goals.

Those who work for a noble cause know, for sure, the possibility of exposure to such reckless actions, which have a known source. The intent of the translation, writing articles and specialized analysis, is to increase the available information to those who wanted to seek more of it, and that haunts those who are dedicated to injustice and persecution. However, their efforts will not come to fruition; they can’t assume the ignorance of others, the truth will always prevail eventually.

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