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Adel Bashqawi
10 Haziran 2015 Çarşamba Saat 10:52

The day of  21st of May is linked to the Circassian Genocide since the end of the Russian – Circassian War ended in 1864, and resulted in disastrous repercussions that accompanied and followed the criminal and savage war waged by the Russian Empire against the Circassian nation to occupy the Circassian homeland and the deportation of all those who remained alive outside the borders of Circassia to areas beyond the Kuban River away from the Circassian coast line on the Black Sea, or onboard rickety ships to the Ottoman Empire.

Every time an important Circassian event is approaching such as the “Circassian Memorial Day”, the usual aggressive Russian propaganda will be intensified against the Circassian existence and survival through the usage of proxies and agents who are working within an organized network to distribute and circulate lies and false information. In that regard, a fishy article signed by someone who claims that he “lives and works” in Moscow in the title of: “Dear Circassians Don’t Let them steal our Homeland on May 21” dated 18, May, 2015, which indicates contradiction, bluffing and wandering. The “writer or publisher” of the article appears to be with no identity and it seems he got no “location finder”. He apparently doesn’t know who he is, as the show up indicates unsuccessful Soviet style with primitive expressions while interacting when pursuing the mission, but definitely he got lost between being a Circassian some times and being an outsider some other times.

The impolite way in criticism that is used shows the worsening of the crisis of those who are worried about the “Circassian genie that came out of the bottle.” It is disgusting though, to observe ignorant intruders scheming plots and machinations behind the scenes, while at the same time applying outdated police and intelligence methods, which range between yawping, clowning, defamation and shaming in a series of lies that turned up in aligned words and sentences according to malignant and suspicion.

The first paragraph commenced with mentioning “victims of the Caucasus War”, which is the categorically untrue usual Russian propaganda, because the right description is the Russian -Circassian War.

Commenting to the 2nd paragraph of the said article, its not unusual to see at this time of the year all Circassians commemorate the atrocities committed by the Russian empire, which caused pain and deportation. Not only in Jordan, but in all the Circassian communities and associations around the world including those in Motherland in a civilized manner.

 In the 3rd paragraph، the so-described article shows lack of codes of conduct together with shortcoming of the slightest tact and civility:

 — The proxies who wage unethical antagonistic campaign in an evil method of personalizing an important matter such as the Circassian Question which shows ridiculous approach to shortcut the whole affair to look as if it is limiting all the consequences of the Circassian Genocide, ethnic cleansing, deportation in few persons and only in one country (http://www.interpretermag.com/putin-blames-circassian-protests-on-the-west-amid-arrests/).

 — Those who assume the ignorance of others are trying to minimize Circassian realization and block wide horizons and visions beside turning a blind eye on the ongoing atrocities Circassians still suffering to this day since imperial Russia had occupied and colonized their Homeland.

 — Misleading public opinion by spotting few individuals of people who call for the implementation of all related international laws and norms to restore Circassian stolen rights.

 — When the Circassians in Jordan count approximately 100,000 people, their percentage is approximately less that 2% of the total Circassians, where approximately 6 million live in Diaspora and 800,000 of them living in the Circassian Homeland in the North Caucasus, but divided in 6 different administrative enclaves.

 — Circassians from all ages, in all their whereabouts are using all available means and seeking to regain their confiscated rights by following peaceful and civilized methods. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Circassians sent letters and appeals to both the Executive and Legislative branches of the Russian government to recognize the Circassian Genocide; but the Russian authorities ignored to do its moral duty. Circassians also sent similar appeals to many sides such as the European Parliament and other parliaments and other parties of concern (http://www.cherkessia.net/news_detail.php?id=6664).

 — Although individuals have importance in the delivery of what aspires to their own people, but the importance of the issue they seek to achieve makes them in self-denial status indifferent to praise and flattery, where they prioritize the public interest instead of achieving a narrow individual benefit.

 — Circassians demand the unification all the Circassian territories in one geographical entity and to restore a “single Circassian Republic” ( http://www.moldova.org/circassians-reaffirm-common-identity-on-deportation-anniversary-200774-eng/).

 — Who performs a duty, “luxury” will not be of concern to him, but it is well established fact, when Circassians get their demands implemented, Circassians will restore their national identity, and dignity to live freely in their own homeland.

 — Circassians remember and know their homeland very well more than any loudmouthed so-called writer and/or journalist, while they understand that their homeland is hijacked. At the same time, news are available everywhere through known and dependable media outlets that don’t spin in the orbit of the Russian propaganda headed by “Russia Today”.

 — Published false news about the Circassian different issues of the Circassian Question will not deter Circassians from raising their demands to stop all kinds of systematical lies. Mentioning Jamestown Foundation doesn’t mean more than what is shown by Russia as a narrow-minded matter, where Jamestown is one of hundreds of research and study centers in the United States, focusing on regular studies, seminars and conferences on various issues in the world, including the Circassians and their plight.

 Commenting on the fourth paragraph starts with:

 — “Who are you to pass judgment on others”, Circassians know what they want better than anybody else, and at the same time they refuse to allow anyone trying to dictate what they should and what they shouldn’t.

 — If intruders want to make Circassians happy, they should leave them alone. Circassians believe in: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

 — Intruders should abide by minding own business: “Never worry about what I’m doing. Only worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing”.

 — Russia has consistently failed to prove other than its adopted imperial policy of a typical imperial way of dealing with the Circassians as a subordinate nation being one of Russia’s victims that had endured tragedies as a result of the Russian – Circassian War, which has overlapped over the years, and kept ever-since (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh8FXIW5NbY).

 — Circassians had no other hostile enemy in this world beside the Russian imperial tyrants, which still taking the advantage of denying Circassians to retrieve their rights.

 Commenting on the 5th paragraph, Circassians are free to move and to return to their homeland  whether to live or to establish business whenever possible, while they don’t approve any guardianship of those who are playing the parrots’ role. Of course, the Circassian Genocide should be recognized and one day it will be acknowledged with all its consequences.

 The 6th paragraph shows unified reaping goals:

 — Such propaganda neglects stating a reason for the fact that “the Circassian community in Turkey is considered one of the largest Diaspora communities of Circassians in the world”, and why those people are not living in their historic homeland?

 — Circassians do not have to review their attitude as far as Russia is required to reconsider and cancel its hostile policies toward them.

 — Yes Circassians both in Turkey and other Diaspora locations have reviewed the Russian position and apparently knew the hard way how aggressive the Russian policies are towards Circassians especially in regard to refusing Circassians of Syria’s repatriation to their Circassian homeland in light of the ongoing civil war in their place of residence in Diaspora.

 — The method used in this propaganda absolutely ignores clumsy actions of the Russian authorities about the detention and dealing with the Circassian activists living in their homeland such as Andzor Akhokhov (http://eng.kavkaz-uzel.ru/articles/31318/), Ibrahim Yaganov (https://sg.news.yahoo.com/russia-detains-caucasus-activists-ahead-olympics-190701010.html), Ruslan Kish, Adnan Khuade (http://caucasreview.com/2015/05/v-rf-nachalis-repressii-protiv-cherkesskih-aktivstov/), Asker Sokt (http://edition.cnn.com/2014/02/16/world/europe/russia-arrest/) Chermit Mahmoud and others. That is called development of police methods against the indigenous Circassian people. The latest example of a Circassian solid demand is the action taken by Circassians in Karachay – Cherkessia for demanding from Russia to recognize the Circassian Genocide plus their complain of “discrimination in the implementation of constitutional rights” (http://www.kavkaz-uzel.ru/articles/262696/).

 — Russian authorities have always succeeded in destroying bridges of love and links with the Circassian homeland. The Russians must revise their outdated policies.

 — The Republic of Adygea is not mentioned in this paragraph beside the other Circassian republics showing no respect to the intelligence of the readers (http://eng.kavkaz-uzel.ru/articles/12942/)!

 The 7th paragraph shows own ideas about investment at homeland:

 — Ranting about the Circassian Diaspora business community in Turkey and holding a business conference in the presence of officials from the Republic of Adygea is a good idea, but it is useful to mention that some Circassian businessmen from Turkey have already assumed business in Sochi as one of the construction companies built one of the major hotels (Marriott Hotel) in Krasnaya Polyana.

 — The Russian authorities didn’t provide facilities for Circassian businessmen to establish business of their choice in their homeland.

 — While realities have proven ill treatment of individual Circassians who repatriated to homeland with police and immigration officials maltreatment to Circassian Returnees.

 — “Federation of the Caucasian Associations” (KAFFED) may represent some Circassians but not all of them especially in recent years many Circassians founded new Circassian associations.

 Finally commenting on the 8th paragraph, which shows:

 — The article continues with hypothetical image of wallowing through the embodiment of a conspiratorial role in the affairs of others on behalf of the party that the so-called “writer/publisher” works for, is trying to market delusions and lies seemingly in coordination and cooperation with others who took on their shoulders an opportunist task that can be described as following the victims and their descendants not only to their homeland, but to the large Diaspora locations around the world.

 — The so-called “political utilization” does not mean in any way, that would discourage those who work in order to restore the usurped rights from the legitimate goal, which they advocate to achieve.

 — Only cheap and low class individuals who mention and accuse the sincere people of receiving  bribes or wages when working in a sacred and inviolable matter for the elevation, dignity and freedom of an oppressed nation, plagued by occupation and rights denial.

 — The 2104 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, contributed in unifying Circassians and understanding the real Russian policies against their survival as a respected nation, regardless of a handful of Circassians who were satisfied to accept attending the controversial games by an invitation received from the Russian authorities. Sochi made it possible for more people to know about the Circassian plight and even more media outlets around the world have published reports about Sochi and the Circassian Genocide in many different languages.

 — Features of Sochi, the capital city of Circassia and its surroundings have been changed (http://www.onislam.net/english/health-and-science/nature/479647-gazprom-destroys-the-circassian-capital-sochi.html).

 — Definitely Circassians are looking for the future as “strong people don’t give up when they come across challenges. They just work harder”.

 “If You’re Not Part of the Solution, You’re Part of the Problem.”

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