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Adel Bashqawi
The Blessed Circassian Youth Efforts - Çerkes Gençliğinin Kutlu Çabaları
17 Ocak 2015 Cumartesi Saat 06:41

Nations and peoples rise, grow, and prosper, as an inevitable product of results and outcomes of great endeavor, efforts, sense of duty and obligation among the devoted persons and individuals who feel that they are morally obligated to provide assistance at times when contribution is needed and necessary in order to maintain a dedicated guidance for the sake of saving their very existence and survival as a respected and dignified nation among other nations that is trying on an equal footing to maintain their perpetuation، sovereignty and identity, which are necessary for national survival.

Thanks to the self motivation and internal values core of the Circassian Youths, which witnesses a genuine high awareness and performance regarding their crucial and important task, contrary to what some are trying to impose. It can be described as “Figures Don't Lie, But Liars Do Figure”. It is appreciated to notice the way of participation in dealing with the relevant matters of the “Circassian Question”. The Circassian young generation showed in recent years, sincere and marvelous interaction that was stimulated with interests to be aware of all matters related to their just cause, and thus work for highlighting the Circassian important elements for the international community, in addition to stick to the future’s ambitions and assurances of asserting and restoring the Circassian confiscated rights. Use of media especially the High Tech knowledge and means including modern communications, Internet and Social Media, which assisted in creating: Teaching Adigha language, culture، children, the merits of the documented Circassian history and other matters.

Praise should not be limited to a certain Circassian community, whether at homeland or in the wide Diaspora, but for Circassians everywhere. Gratitude is owed to those who exercise extraordinary work for the great Circassian benefits in a difficult situation, especially for those who are living at their homeland, and they bear extraordinary rules dictated by the laws of the strangers who set the terms and conditions that confiscated their human rights as an indigenous people that is living in six different non-contiguous administrative areas of Circassia.

Circassian youth supported by the Circassian people together with activists have increasingly shown in recent years tremendous and unprecedented concern that proved and established resolve, determination, dedication and altruism in many different fields and activities in many countries including homeland. They demonstrated to draw attention to the the Circassian Question, that combines disastrous consequences, contemporary developments, and related updates. Important subjects were addressed such as the Circassian genocide, ethnic cleansing, deportation, Sochi Olympic Games and the stubborn Russian policies of ignoring the Circassian nation. Activities included demonstrations, commemorations, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, media interviews and multiple activities in countries such as Turkey, Jordan, USA, and some European countries beside the North Caucasus.

The following are highlights mentioned for example and not limited to the overall scene, which include excerpts of some events and activities that took place and related to the North Caucasus in the recent few years, which are linked with what happened in the past and still happening at the present time in the Circassian homeland:

— In Nalchik, on February, 7, 2014, more than 50 Circassian peaceful picketers against the Sochi Olympics were arrested by the Russian police. The  Circassian activists were detained in the capital of Kabardino - Balkaria after “which they formed a convoy of dozens of automobiles and headed to the center of town. They hung Circassian flags out of the windows, and also waved a banner with the words, “Sochi – Land of Genocide “in English”. As usual, the picketers who were released, were subjected to beating and torture. In particular, “eye-witnesses report that police were forced to carry Anzor Akhokhov into the courtroom for the reading of his sentence, since he was not in condition to move independently as a result of beatings at the police station”. “His entire body is covered with bruises – his face, hands, legs, everywhere there are the marks of hard blows”, said his brother Aslanbek Akhokhov (http://www.interpretermag.com/putin-blames-circassian-protests-on-the-west-amid-arrests/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=putin-blames-circassian-protests-on-the-west-amid-arrests).

For the first time ever, the Russian President has mentioned the Circassians, by claiming that the West is exploiting the Circassian Question to its advantage, where he  automatically admitted that there is a Circassian Issue, which Russia has proven that it refrains from offering a fair settlement for!

— Circassians loyal to their nation, who are eager to concentrate on addressing the Circassian Question in all possible ways and means have opposed lies, Russia tried to implement through its propaganda a misleading claim of so-called commemorating (http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2006/09/11/5542.shtml) with some Circassians and Caucasian bureaucrats who are loyalists and collaborators with the Russian authorities, that is still ruling the North Caucasus, to celebrate the memory of “so-called” 450 years of voluntary association with Russia, which was “formally” celebrated between 7 - 9, September, 2007, with the participation of individuals from the Circassian Diaspora, who got special relations with the Russian-backed International Circassian Association, and who accepted invitations to participate in the Russian festivals. Such false allegation has never occurred except in the imagination of those who tried to impose such unrealistic idea, while assuming the ignorance of all those involved in such big lie, which intended to deceive the public opinion. All that in contradiction with the reality of imperial Russian occupation of the Circassian homeland and disregarding all considerations, ethical or moral obligations towards the Circassian nation that had lost half of its population during a 101 years long “Russian - Circassian War” when Circassians were exposed to murder, genocide, extermination, deportation, torture and humiliation by the hordes of invading forces. 

— The Russian contradiction didn’t take long time to surface after the Russian false celebrations, and to prove that they occupied Circassia through military intervention, and Circassians had never associated voluntarily with the tyrant Russian Empire! Aleksandr Zhuravsky, the Head of the International Department of the Russian Ministry of Regional Development responded in December, 2012, to a letter sent by Adam Bogus, the Head of the Circassian Adyge Khase in the Republic of Adegea to Sergey Naryshkin, the State Duma Speaker, requesting that Moscow provide assistance for Circassians of Syria to return to their homeland, which was transferred to the Russian Regional Development Ministry for consideration. The Ministry’s letter had provoked anger after it was widely disseminated, because it stated, “the Syrian Circassians are the descendants of refugees from among the Adyge peoples of the North and West Caucasus who did not accept Russian citizenship and made a voluntary choice to leave the region after the completion of military operations in the course of the Caucasus War” (http://justicefornorthcaucasus.info/?p=1251672464)!

— A strong example of the true loyalty and attachment to Motherland and own nation, was expressed by those who participated and reached magnificent results after one-day forum during a significant event that was held on the 12th of September, 2009, in Cherkessk, the capital of the Republic of Karachay -Cherkessia, under the title of “Circassian Youth Forum”, which was attended by active Circassian youths who are members of the Circassian (Adigha) Khasa (association) branches, Circassian Congress, and other active organizations, which came from the  Circassian republics and enclaves, beside the Republic of Abkhazia in the North Caucasus Region, to discuss the important issues that concern the Circassian nation both in their homeland and Diaspora.

The eight points “Resolution of Circassian (Adygeyan) Youth Forum” contained declaration (http://www.natpress.net/engine/print.php?newsid=3693), following the meeting, appeared to be as a “genie erupting out of the bottle” after 145 years of "deep-sleep", which is considered in all measures, a very successful attempt for the efforts exerted by all of those courageous young Circassians who seemed that they had never forgotten their duties towards their Circassian Nation. 

The following is a summary of the eight points:

1. To establish a “Coordination Council of Circassian Youth”,

2. To support the decision of unifying the name of the purposefully divided Adygeyan subethnoses: Kabardians, Adygs, Circassians and Shapsugs and to recognize the name "Circassian" as a one nation

3. To call on ICA to create “World Day of Circassian Flag”.

4. To address the Adygeyan International Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education of the Republics of Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Circassia and Adygeya to reform the methodology of teaching of the native language.

5. To request from the Russian Academy of Sciences to organize a scientifically-practical conference to commemorate: “The 180th Anniversary of the First Military-Scientific Expeditions on Mount Elbrus of general Emmanuel, the Feat of Kabardian Kilar Khashirov”.

6. To authorize delegates of the forum at the next congress of the ICA to act on behalf of Circassian youth and to have youth representatives in the executive committee of the association. 

7. To demand from the ICA to create a committee to counteract the historical falsifications.

8. To address the President of the Russian Federation in regard to falsification of history and with the offer of adopting the Law of Return of Circassians to their homeland.

Faithful Circassians would prove that no body will be able in any way to hijack or seize the capabilities and conclusions gained by Circassian activists for personal or opportunist gains, and at the same time, it is obvious now that vision, mechanism and coordination, which linked all sincere Circassians together would pave the way and lead for fruitful output, and success will be inevitable. 

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction. “Winston Churchill”


Çerkes Gençliğinin Kutlu Çabaları

Uluslar özverili ve sorumluluk sahibi bireylerin çabalarıyla yükselirler. Varoluşları egemenliklerini ve kimliklerini korumalarına bağlıdır.

Bilinçli ve kararlı Çerkes gençliği dayatmalara rağmen ulusal görevini yerine getiriyor. Yeni kuşak 

hem İnternet ve sosyal medyayı etkin kullanımı sayesinde kültürel ögeleri paylaşıyor, hem de Çerkes halkının gaspedilmiş haklarının ihya edilmesi meselesinin haklılığı konusunda uluslararası topluluğu bilgilendiriyor. 

Başarı anayurtta veya diasporada tek bir topluluğa ait değil, Çerkesler’in tamamı övgüye layık. 

Anayurtta yaşayanlar özellikle takdir edilmeli. Onlar Çerkesya’yı birbiriyle sınırı olmayan altı idari birime ayırmış ve Çerkesleri yerli halkların haklarından yoksun bırakan yabancı bir gücün baskısı altındalar.

Çerkes gençlerinin olağanüstü duyarlılığı, kararlılığı ve özverisi dünyanın her köşesinde dikkatleri Çerkes Sorununa çekti. Çerkes Soykırımı, sürgünü, Soçi Olimpiyat Oyunları ve Rusya hükümetinin Çerkes ulusunu ısrarla görmezden gelişi gündeme getirildi. Kuzey Kafkasya dışında Türkiye, Ürdün, Amerika ve bazı Avrupa ülkelerinde gösteriler, anmalar, toplantılar, konferanslar, sergiler ve söyleşiler gibi etkinlikler yapıldı.

Aşağıda uzak ve yakın geçmişe ait haksızlıklara karşı düzenlenen etkinliklerden yapılan birkaç alıntı okuyacaksınız :

— 7 Şubat 2014’de Nalçik kentinde Soçi Olimpiyatı’nı barışçıl bir gösteriyle protesto eden 50 Çerkes Rus polisi tarafından tutuklandı. Çerkes aktivistler “düzinelerce araçlık bir konvoyla şehrin merkezine yürüdükten sonra Kabardey-Balkar başkentinde gözaltına alındılar. Araçların camlarından Çerkes bayrakları salladılar ve üzerinde İngilizce “Soçi : Soykırım Toprağı” yazılı bir pankart taşıdılar.” Her zaman olduğu gibi göstericiler dövüldü ve işkence gördü. Karakolda dayak yediği için yürüyemeyecek durumda olan Anzor Akhokhov kararın okunması için mahkemeye sürüklenerek götürüldü. Kardeşi Aslanbek Akhkhov’a göre “yüzü, elleri ve bacaklarında darp izleri vardı” (http://www.interpretermag.com/putin-blames-circassian-protests-on-the-west-amid-arrests/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=putin-blames-circassian-protests-on-the-west-amid-arrests).

Rusya Devlet Başkanı ilk defa Çerkesler’den söz etti. Çerkes Sorunu’nun Batı tarafından kullanıldığını iddia ederek meselenin varlığını kabul etmiş oldu. Sözleri Rusya’nın adil bir çözüme uzak durduğu anlamına da geliyordu.

— Çerkes Sorunu’nun karşı karşıya olduğu problemlerden biri olan tarihi gerçeklerin çarpıtılmasının bir örneği Rusya ile sözde “gönüllü birleşmenin 450. yıldönümüydü.”  “Resmi” kutlamalar 7-9 Eylül 2007 arasında anayurttaki işbirlikçi bürokrasinin ve diasporadan Rusya-yanlısı DünyaÇerkes Birliği bağlantılı davetlilerin katılımıyla yapıldı (http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2006/09/11/5542.shtml). Amaç kamuoyunun yanıltılmasıydı. Çerkes halkının Emperyal Rusya’ya karşı verdiği 101 yıllık özgürlük savaşında uğradığı kayıpların ardından yaşadığı işgal, soykırım ve sürgün unutturulmak istenmişti.

— Adigey Cumhuriyeti Adiğe Xase başkanı Adam Bogus Moskova’nın Suriye Çerkesleri’ne anayurda dönüş için yardım etmesi talebiyle Duma Başkanı Sergey Narişkin’e bir mektup yazdı. Mektup görüş alınması için Rusya Bölgesel Kalkınma Bakanlığı’na havale edildi. Bakanlığın Uluslararası Bölüm Başkanı Aleksandr Juravski’nin Aralık 2012’de gönderdiği yanıt şöyleydi: “Suriyeli Çerkesler, Kafkasya Savaşı’nda askeri harekatın sona ermesinden sona Rusya tebaasını kabul etmeyen ve bölgeyi kendi isteğiyle terk etmeyi seçen Kuzey ve Batı Kafkasyalı Adiğe göçmenlerin alt nesilleridir” (http://justicefornorthcaucasus.info/?p=1251672464).

Rusya hükümetinin çelişkisi ortaya çıkmıştı. Kafkasya’nın askeri yöntemlerle ele geçirildiği itiraf edilmiş, gönüllü birleşme tezi çürütülmüştü.

—12 Eylül 2009’da Karaçay-Çerkes Cumhuriyeti başkenti Çerkesk’te “Çerkes Gençlik Forumu” düzenlendi. Etkinliğe Çerkes (Adiğe) Khase şubelerinden, Çerkes Kongresi örgütlerinden ve Abhazya Cumhuriyeti’nden temsilciler katıldı. Gün boyunca Çerkes ulusunu anayurtta ve diasporada ilgilendiren konular konuşuldu.

Toplantının ardından “Çerkes (Adige) Gençlik Forumu Kararları” adıyla sekiz maddelik bir deklarasyon yayınlandı (http://www.natpress.net/engine/print.php?newsid=3693). 145 yıllık “derin uyku” sona ermiş, “cin şişeden çıkmıştı.” 

Sekiz madde özetle şöyleydi :

1. “Çerkes Gençliği Koordinasyon Konseyi” kurulması,

2. Bilinçli olarak bölünmüş Adiğe halkının Kabardey, Adiğe, Çerkes ve Şapsığ adlarını terk etmesi ve tek ulus olarak “Çerkes” adının tanınması,

3. Dünya Çerkes Birliği’ne “Dünya Çerkes Bayrağı Günü” ilan etmesi çağrısı yapılması,

4. Adiğe Uluslararası Bilimler Akademisi ile Kabardey-Balkar, Karaçay-Çerkes ve Adiğey Cumhuriyetleri eğitim bakanlıklarına anadili öğretme metodolojisinde reforma gitmeleri çağrısı yapılması,

5. Rusya Bilimler Akademisi’nden “General Emmanuel Komutasında Elbrus Dağına ilk Askeri-Bilimsel Seferin 180. Yıldönümü : Kabardey Kilar Khaşirov’un Başarısı” temalı bir konferans düzenlenmesinin istenmesi, 

6. Forum delegelerine Dünya Çerkes Birliği’nin sonraki kongresine Çerkes gençliğini temsilen katılma yetkisi verilmesi ve Birliğin yürütme komitesinde gençlik temsilcilerinin yer alması,

7. Dünya Çerkes Birliği’nden tarihin çarpıtılmasıyla mücadele etmek için bir komite kurulmasının istenmesi,

8. Rusya Federasyonu Devlet Başkanı’nın dikkatinin tarihin çarpıtılmasına çekilmesi ve Çerkesler için Anayurda Dönüş Yasası çıkarılmasının istenmesi.

İnanmış Çerkesler halkın kazanımlarının kaybedilmesine izin vermeyecekler. Samimi Çerkesleri bir araya getiren ortak vizyon ve güç birliği sayesinde başarı kaçınılmazdır.

Winston Churchill’in dediği gibi, “Eğer yönü doğruysa değişim iyidir.”

Türkçe Çeviri: Dr.Omer Aytek Kurmel

جهود الشباب الشركس المباركة


بقلمعادل بشقوي

16 يناير/كانون الثّاني 2015


ترتقي وتنمو وتزدهرالأمم والشعوب، كنتاج حتمي لثمار الهمّة العالية والجهود والشعور بالواجب والالتزام من قبلالأشخاص والأفراد المخلصين الذين يشعرون بأنهم ملزمون أخلاقيا لتقديم العون في الأوقات التي تقتضي الحاجة والضرورة الحفاظ على إرشاد مكرّس من أجل إنقاذ وجودهم وبقائهم كأمّة محترمة وكريمة بين الأمم الأخرى التي تسعى على قدم المساواة للحفاظ على استمراريّتها وسيادتها وهويّتها، والتي هي ضرورية لبقائهاالقومي.


وبفضل الدافع الذاتي والقيم الأساسية الداخلية للشباب الشركس، الّذييشهد حقيقية الوعيالمرتفع والأداء الرائع فيما يتعلق بمهمته الهامّة والمصيريّة، على العكس مما يحاول البعض فرضه. ويمكن وصف ذلك بأن: “الأرقام لا تكذب، لكن الكاذبين يتلاعبون بعرض الأرقام”. إنه موضع تقدير لملاحظةأسلوب المشاركة في التعامل مع أمور ذات صلة بِ”القضية الشركسية”. أظهر جيل الشباب الشركسي في السنوات الأخيرة، تفاعلاً صادقاً ورائعاًوالذي حفّزالإهتماماتوليكونوا على دراية بجميع المسائل المتعلقة بقضيتهم العادلة، وبالتالي العمل من أجل تسليط الضوء على العناصر الشركسية الهامة للمجتمع الدولي، بالإضافة إلى التّمسك بالطّموحاتوالقناعات المستقبليّةمن أجل إستعادة الحقوق الشركسيةالمصادرة. إن إستخدام وسائل الإعلام وخاصة ما يتعلق بالمعرفة وأدوات التكنولوجيا الفائقة (High Tech) بما في ذلك الاتّصالات الحديثة والإنترنت ومواقع التواصل الإجتماعي، ساعد على إيجاد: برامج لتعليم لغة الأديغه والثّقافة والأطفال وحيثيات التاريخ الشركسي الموثق وغيرها.

ولا ينبغي أن يقتصر الشّكر على مجتمع شركسي معيّن، سواء في الوطن أو في الشتات الواسع، بل للشراكسة في كل مكان. لكن الامتنان مستحقلأولئك الذين يقومون بالعمل الاستثنائي من أجل المصالح الشركسية الهامّة في وضع صعب وخاصة للذين يعيشون في وطنهم، وعليهم أن يتحملواأحوالاًإستثنائية تمليها قوانين الغرباء الذين أملواالشروط والظروف التي صادرت حقوقهم الإنسانية باعتبارهم شعباً أصلياً يعيش في ستة مناطق إدارية مختلفة وغير متجاورة من شركيسيا.

أظهر الشباب الشركسي على نحو متزايد في السنوات الأخيرة،مؤيّداً من قبل الشعب الشركسي جنبا إلى جنب مع النشطاء، الاهتمام الهائل وغير المسبوق الذي أثبت وأوجد العزم والتصميم والتفاني والإيثار في العديد من المجالات والأنشطة المختلفة في العديد من البلدان بما في ذلك الوطن. لقد تظاهروا للفت الانتباه إلى القضية الشركسية، الّتي تجمع بين التّداعياتالمشؤومة  والتطورات المعاصرة، والمستجدّات ذات الصلة. لقدتم تناول الموضوعات الهامة مثل الإبادة الجماعية الشركسية والتطهير العرقي والتهجير القسري وألعاب سوتشي الأولمبيّة والسياسات الروسية المتعنّتةوالمتعلّقةبتجاهل الأمّة الشّركسيّة. شملت النشاطات المظاهرات وإحياء الذكرى والاجتماعات والمؤتمرات والمعارض واللقاءات الإعلامية والأنشطة المتعددة في بلدان مثل تركيا والأردن والولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وبعض الدول الاوروبية الى جانب شمال القوقاز.

ويسلط الضوء فيما يلي على سبيل المثال لا الحصر، على مقتطفات من بعض الفعاليات والأنشطة التي جرت خلال السنوات القليلة الماضيةوتتّصلبشمال القوقاز، والتي ترتبط بما حدث في الماضي وما زال يحدث في الوقت الحاضر في الوطن الشركسي:

في نالتشيك، وفيالسابع من فبراير/شباط من عام 2014، ألقت الشّرطة الرّوسيّة القبض على أكثر من 50 من المحتجّين السّلميّين الشراكسة ضد أولمبياد سوتشي.اعتقل النشطاء الشركس في عاصمة قاباردينو - بلكاريا بعد أن “ شكّلوا قافلة تألّفت من عشرات السيارات وتوجهت إلى وسط المدينة. ورفع المحتجّون أعلاماً شركسيّة من نوافذ السّيّارات، وأيضا التلويح بلافتة كتب عليهاباللغة الإنجليزية عبارة “سوتشي 

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